CV – Resume

Matthew Ekenstedt

matt at matthewekenstedt dot com

Project Management

Experience taking large, complicated projects that have stalled out or suffered from organizational nightmares and making them happen. Experience working with multiple stakeholders to come to agreements and allow the project to move forward. Worked with stakeholders to determine the most appropriate tasks and deployment methods.

Software Engineer

Developer with experience working on established systems, adapting external systems for internal enterprise use, and developing entirely new systems for enterprise use. Experienced at working in teams and individually. Experience with every part of the development cycle, from prototyping to long term support. Exceptional at finding issues in complex systems on short notice. Expert in explaining the intricacies of systems to technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Professional Experience

CloudCraze (2015 – present)

Support Engineer

  • Determined the source of issues faced by clients.
  • Analyzed subscriber code and fixed any code or provided the appropriate solution.
  • Developed patches for the core product.

GoBoiano (2013 – 2015)

Lead Developer

  • Analyzed existing codebase and determined the appropriate steps to get the product launched as quickly as possible.
  • Developed using the Symfony2 Framework, with PHP, Twig, MySQL, JSON, and Doctrine.
  • Lead developer for three products: social site, CMS, and media site.
  • Coordinated deployments to both development and production environments.
  • Worked with stakeholders to determine the best options for future development, server configuration, and team composition.
  • Worked with a remote team in multiple different time zones to coordinate the development and deployment schedule.

Success Stories

  • Took a large project that had stalled for months and got a minimum viable product deployed in under a month.
  • Determined server configuration changes necessary for deployment and worked with server admin to make it happen.
  • Replaced a custom CMS with an improved custom CMS in place without requiring the users to relearn basics
  • Replaced a blog-style media site with a modern UI and infinite scrolling. – Monthly users immediately skyrocketed to 6x previous best,. with continual growth.
  • Converted 3rd party plugins to behave via AJAX instead of via HTTP postback.
  • Created a long term plan for an N-tier architecture specific to the project. Took steps to begin the transition.
  • Implemented a release method using

Marshfield Clinic (2007 – 2012)

Special Ops Developer (2011 – 2012)

  • Officially designated the expert on the dental system, expected to be able to handle any software issues that come up and be able to answer any questions asked.
  • Placed in charge of releases of the dental system, external web portal, business, and financial applications
  • Coordinated all SQL, server, and client side releases relating to the dental system, any external web portal, the business system, and the financial system.
  • Responsible for understanding and evaluation the risks and potential pitfalls of any release within those system, as well as handling any issues that come up in the release process.
  • Frequently worked with experts in other parts of the clinical system to find any issues or inefficiencies in the system and make every part interoperate as a cohesive whole.

Programmer/Analyst (2007 – 2011)
Designed and developed new and existing software for internal use within the clinic. Marshfield Clinic has developed and sold an Electronic Health Record system with full integration of all major medical specialties.

Success Stories

  • Adapted and forked the open source project OpenDental to use in a multi-site real time enterprise environment.
  • Replaced the back end to use MS SQL Server instead of MySql
  • Added exception handling and race condition handling for situations in a multi-user environment
  • Added a highly granular, role based security to enforce separation of duties
  • Launched the new application for use of all Marshfield Clinic dental centers, replacing their previous system as well as their paper system (Chartless and Paperless office).
  • Integrated the medical and dental data so the dentists and the doctors know about each other’s treatments for a better health picture of the patient.
  • Integrated with all other first and third party applications including making each application show the same patient so that the users have a seamless experience and to eliminate mistakes.
  • Assumed role of lead developer on the project when the team leader got unexpectedly pulled off the project mid-release.
  • Became the go-to for any questions on the functionality of the dental project and the first resource assigned to handle any critical issues or questions.
  • Became the go-to for any questions on linq, linq-to-sql, and C# in general within the group and division.
  • Designed and implemented a new reporting system for use of both ad-hoc and automated reports delivered securely.
  • Assessed the performance of the system, found all bottlenecks and high use areas, and implemented performance enhancements increasing the performance of each issue by a factor of 10 or more.
  • Designed and implemented changes to handle the Meaningful Use legislation.

Freelance Projects

NotFinalCode (2015 – present)

  • Designed and developed completely from scratch
  • Used Symfony2 for the backend API layer
  • Used Angular2 beta for the frontend
  • Continue to develop and blog on the platform (2013 – present)

  • Designer and Developer for  – A website for allowing Twitch streamers to race each other
  • Live updating site allowing 1/10 second timing for races
  • Developing new features for small and large groups
  • Handled all development from SQL to front-end and Twitch API integration.

Collaborative Art Projects (2012 – present)

  • Work with artists on popular art sites to make their pieces interactive or assist in making a skin for a program

Parallel Programming Podcast (2012 – 2013)

  • Producer, Editor and Host of Parallel Programming, a podcast where the hosts will build an application from scratch to prototype as quickly as possible.
  • Does all video editing and audio mastering
  • Does the coding on more than half of the programs

Fan Fancast Podcast (2012 – 2013)

  • Producer, Editor, and Host of Fan Fancast, a podcast featuring high quality fan art.
  • Handle getting rights to show images
  • Handle aligning all interviews and guests
  • Does all video editing and audio mastering

Dragon Age Podcast (2010 -2011)

  • Producer, Editor and Host of Dragon Age Podcast, a fan podcast about Bioware’s Dragon Age and related mods.
  • Worked with an international hosting team and Bioware to bring listeners community news and content

Relevant Education

BS, Applied Mathematics and Computer Science – Software Development, University of Wisconsin – Stout