So I’ve decided to do mini-updates weekly (or so), to make me actually do some weekly analysis.

This first one is going to be incredibly short, and probably uninteresting for anyone. Sorry about that.

Weight: Stalled, but I’ve started using MyFitnessPal to have a better idea of exactly what I’m eating and see if stuff is sneaking in.

Writing: I’ve done poorly, but the plan is to catch up today. ┬áThis post is part of it, and the next post should be technical and hopefully useful. Though I may not finish it today, since I want it to be well-written and researched. On top of that, I plan to write quite a bit on the light novel series I’m working on. My goal is 10k words for today. We’ll see.

Twitch: I streamed Monday, but not Friday, plan to stream tomorrow.

That’s probably it. I didn’t get much done aside from work this week. We’ll see how much I can make up this weekend.

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