Goals Mini-Update: Feb 18, 2014

“Weekly” Update here.

Probably only interesting to me, so I can track things better and keep on top of stuff.

Weight: Funny story. Humidity killed the scale, got a new one the next day “gained” 10 lbs. So, I’m operating on the assumption that I actually started 10 lbs heavier. I’d say this is within +/- 2lb of accurate. So, what do I do about my goals? Well, my actual written one is being under a certain weight, and I’m keeping that the same. So now it’s “lose 70 lbs” and “lose 110 lbs” instead of 60/100. Harder, but still possible I’d say. Either way, I don’t want my actual goals to change. Assuming that, I’ve just started to break my stall.

Weekly Progress: 3.6 lbs lost.

Writing & Posts: About 3500 words in the light novel series. Started on a technical blog post but hit a wall. I know what to do with it now, even though I’ll be changing direction on it. This is post #4/50 published.

Twitch: Been streaming pretty regularly, Just hit 100 followers (woo). I haven’t done anything popular yet either, so I’m not unhappy with how it’s going.

Focus this week: Blog posts, writing, brainstorm for podcast / youtube show / etc






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