2014 – February Goals Review

This is my monthly attempt at keeping at it. These posts aren’t crafted, they’re brain dumped, so please excuse the poor writing and comma abuse. The original post is here. I’m kind of making it up as I go here, so I apologize if I jump around a little. But basically the plan is to do weekly and monthly reviews. I’ll post occasional weekly updates as well. There’s other monthly review stuff I do, but the goals side of the monthly reviews I’ll post here. 

OK, this month has been odd. And clearly I haven’t been doing as many posts as I should. Oh well, we’ll get to that soon. On to the summaries:

Summary of February

February had some of that second month “blah” to it, but I’m getting reinvigorated as the month comes to a close.

Goal Progress

1. Lose 60 70 pounds

Well, an odd thing happened here. So I got a new scale, and it reported me as 10 pounds heavier. Ok, that’s fine. But my actual written goal was getting under a specific weight. I decided not to change my actual goal, so this relative-looking one had to change. That means the “lose 100 pounds” has become “lose 110 pounds” as well. Alright, that’s fine. I’ve been in that “post induction stall” for a while as well, but I think that I’ve finally gotten past it in the last couple of days, so hopefully I’ll start to see some real progress again in March. Still, February wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Monthly Progress: 6 pounds
Total Progress: 19 pounds
Ratio: 19/70 ~ 27.14%

Thoughts: It wasn’t as successful as January, but I still made progress. Unless you count the moving goalpost. Hopefully the posts don’t move any farther. Still can possibly hit the bigger goal (110). So, let’s see how March goes.

2. 3. 4. Writing

I did some work on the light novel series, and I wrote a short story (that I’ll be adapting into a novella). I also did some revisions on both. More on this later, I think, but here are some word counts:

Monthly Progress: 6859 words written, Novella plan, LN plans solidifying, 3 revisions done
Total Progress: 6859 words written

Thoughts: I’m actually going to do a while post on the “novella plan” but it’s basically a way to force myself to finish things I can actually publish. I have plans to push hard on writing in March.

5. 50 posts published here

Been hung up on a bigger technical post. Maybe I should pick easier things to write about.

Monthly Progress: 3 posts
Total Progress: 5/50
Ratio: 5/50 ~ 10%

Thoughts: I still didn’t make 1 post / week. I still need to catch up. Once I finish this API documentation I’m hoping to catch up.

6. 8. – Twitter/Twitch Followers

Welp, this might be done. I tried pushing a patreon page to actually get some financial support for this and it failed completely. This has taken a lot of the wind out for me, and I’m not sure I’ll push on this front too hard anymore. Writing might be the better option. We’ll see.

Twitter: No change
Twitch: 100 total followers

7. JLPT Prep

This is hard to update, since there’s no number before December. I’ve been studying using Anki primarily, and I feel like I’ve been making progress there. I have Hiragana on lock (still mix up chi/sa once in a while), getting better at Katakana, and chipping away at Kanji. I’m planning on tearing apart (well, maybe not), scanning, and home translating some manga. Kind of to supplement things. We’ll see.

8. Outside Income

Patreon didn’t work out, but I tried. I’m going to push much MUCH harder into the writing side of things, and hopefully a little money will come out of there. That’s not the main goal, but it would be a nice indicator of success.

Not sure there will be any real progress by the end of next month, but we’ll see.

10. 11. Podcast/Plushies

Nothing done here.

12. – 22. Bonus Goals

(14) I’m pushing to get the publishing company formed soon.
(16) Manuscript number might be changed/adapted due to the Novella Project

No other significant tracking on the other bonus goals.

Final Thoughts and Looking Forward

Not the best month, not the worst month. I have some other things going on that I’m not posting here that are significantly cutting into my time to get goal based stuff done. I’m having a hard time getting everything done at the same time. I’ve been putting one or the other project on the side while I’ve been focusing on others. I spent quite a bit of effort on Twitch, and that seems to have been barking put the wrong tree. That’s OK, but I need to pivot now. Expect a lot more progress on the writing goals.

Direction and Focus this month:

1. Focus on the task at hand. One task at a time.
2. Write, plan, build worlds, blog. Make serious progress.
3. Morning Pages – Keep at it
4. Novella written and ready
5. 1 Issue of LN done

See you next month.






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