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  • Quick Update on the October Challenge – November Challenge Announced

    Hey Internet. Looks like extreme food budgeting during a month were I have to move may have been a bad idea. I couldn’t use my kitchen to any real extent for about two weeks, and as I’m sure you all know, pre-prepared and frozen food while they don’t have to be expensive, aren’t super cheap. […]

  • October Challenge Update – Day 9

    I’m almost a third of the way through my October Challenge, and I’ve so far been fairly successful. Here are the basic numbers: Amount spent: $25.82 Budget so far: $29.03 Difference: -$3.21 Difference in Days: –0.995 The difference in days is assuming that each day is worth $100/31 days, which is about $3.2258 per day. […]

  • October Challenge: Spend $100 or less on food

    I’m in the middle of moving halfway across the state. I’m excited to get into my new place, but I’m not excited about the associated bills. To combat the costs, the first thing I did was stop buying things like video games, electronics, and so on. It seemed like there was more room to cut, […]