Quick Update on the October Challenge – November Challenge Announced

Hey Internet.

Looks like extreme food budgeting during a month were I have to move may have been a bad idea. I couldn’t use my kitchen to any real extent for about two weeks, and as I’m sure you all know, pre-prepared and frozen food while they don’t have to be expensive, aren’t super cheap. I also lost track of my exact costs. I have a good estimate and I’ll do a proper postmortem later. I might even try this specific challenge some month in the future again.

November Challenge


Probably not too many updates on this one, and no I won’t share what I’ve written. It’s sure to be terrible (as all first drafts are), and I haven’t written fiction since high school. This is more of a personal exercise than anything. If it’s amazing, I’ll keep going with it. It probably won’t be amazing, I’m not expecting it to be.

By the way, I started the novel with no plot, setting, or characters in mind. This should be interesting 🙂







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